Stranger Than Fiction (2006) – 4/5

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

I felt this was an original idea for a story and it was well told and acted.


It’s hard to pin down exactly what the point was, but I’d consider that to be a good thing. Was it that we sdn’t let “numbers” control our lives?

Harold’s life is all about numbers: he works at the IRS and is OCD about counting everything and living life in a very calculated manner.

Once that’s “broken” he starts changing how he lives and actually starts living his life. Then people are brought into his life. Finally, he’s forced to living based on “the facts” and chooses to die for someone else. This time his “living by the numbers” is for a purpose and by choice in the “right way.”

But that leaves out Karen Eiffel and too many other characters out of the base of the story. However, to some degree it includes those people in Harold’s life: the baker, the professor and the friend.

Karen Eiffel’s part in the story is too big to be left out.

I’ll have to think about this one some more.

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