Stone Reader (2002) – 3.5/5

Stone Reader (2002)

I really like the idea of this movie. I really like it. Countless times have I read some book or similar and wanted to track down the author. I wanted to discover some hidden treasure, etc. I’m actually kind of doing it now but I don’t want to give any details here.

Unfortunately the first half of this movie is more about the guy making it and is filled with shots of fields, flowers, trees, him doing yard work, etc. He narrates over it what’s been happening, but it’s slow.

There’s also shots of friends getting UPS/FedEx packages delivered to them which a) aren’t very interesting and b) cd have been shot any time so it feels like filler.

The second half has a lot more things of interest happening and that’s when it gets good. If you can make it past the first half, it’s worth it. If you can’t, just scan ahead, you really won’t miss too much (though you might not appreciate the payoff as much???).

Haiku Summary
Guy reads book after
many years. Great, but author
is gone. He finds him.

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