Starting Small vs Step-By-Step

popping-up-1001531-mIf you want to save $10,000 in 10 years, you have to save $1,000 every year which is about $83 per month. That’s a pretty clear step-by-step plan. If you want to walk 5 miles in 5 hours, start walking at 1 mile an hour. Pretty simple.

However, if you want to do something a bit more nebulous like a group of friends that takes a trip together every year or like-minded people in your industry to have a happy hour once a month, there’s a not so clear of a path.

I tend to try to shoot big right out of the gate. When I did Booples, I tried to learn animation, get great music (from Pete Buchwald), get DVDs created, etc. However, it probably would have been better to make a few shorts, get feedback, find real voice talent, build an audience, etc.

It’s like bands – the ones that tour a lot, build a following and grow a solid, loyal fan base tend to do well. Other bands that just get a radio hit tend to fade quickly.

So this has led me to the thought of starting small and then growing something. It might not be what you envision later one… you may not even have a vision. But you can have a direction and a start. It might lead where you didn’t expect and likely will be better.

Clubs and organizations are a great example. They can start with a few people who have a similar perspective on something. Together they bond and ideas grow. Then others joint and next thing you know a park is being dedicated or a company is started or who knows what.

What is a concept or idea that you’d like to be involved with growing?

Maybe it’s having a group of friends that takes a trip each year. If so, maybe you can start with a monthly happy hour. Maybe you want to start a book club – ask a friend to read a book at the same time with you.

If you want to start a running club, ask a friend to start running with you once a week. Maybe after a few weeks, mention it to someone else or post on Facebook when y’all are going.

Other ideas?

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