Sleepy Thoughts

sleep-safety-922516-mThe idea of sleep sometimes freaks me out. A person can be right there sleeping and not know I’m standing by them. I can move things, maybe even say something and they don’t know it. They don’t even have to be particularly heavy sleepers and I could hang out around them and they not know it.

It’s kinda creepy in a sense. Certainly the idea of staring at them is creepy. If they woke up like that it wd make it hard to sleep again.

But I mean the idea that they are kind of… “off” when sleeping. Or maybe just paused??? But they lay down, hang out for a while and the they’re… off. And they don’t wake up by internal design. They don’t decide when to wake up like “ok, time to get up.” It’s either natural or by an alarm, another person, sound, etc. They are off and have no control or senses really. Weird.

And that’s how we spend about 33% of our lives. Weird.

body-massage-1255004-mToo bad sleep can’t happen while doing something not so enjoyable like working out or something. Maybe while I’m asleep my wife cd fold me over so I cd stretch a bit. Nocturnal yoga. It’s all the rage. Forget about hot yoga – unconscious yoga is where it’s at.

Maybe a business cd do a bunch of stuff like that when you sleep. They have a camera or some type of monitor hooked up to you. Once you’re asleep they come in and give you a good workout, haircut, wash, etc.

They cd even somehow feed you. Of course it’s super healthy stuff.

All the time they’re giving you encouraging words, speaking in other languages, reading classic books and such.

The you wake up and you’ve got a big head start on the day… And speak Italian.

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