Shopgirl (2005) – 3/5

Shopgirl (2005)

A good little story not trying to take on too much. What makes a relationship work? What makes a person happy? Why sd two people be together?

I love the pace of this movie. It cdn’t be slower and more relaxing. Even the intense scenes are slow.


I have to say that if I was suppose to buy into Mirabelle and Jeremy being together at the end, I don’t think I can. I mean, at least, not buy into it and be satisfied w/ it. He just picked up a girl at her art show and slept w/ her soon before they’re together. I’m not sure he’s all that great of a guy. As for whether or not they are “right” for each other, that may be a separate question, but I think my feeling on it holds.

UPDATE: It seems Mirabelle is given the choice btwn 2 men. Neither, at first, can give her himself: one is self-absorbed and the other is emotionally closed off. However the second can give her other things like attention, gifts, etc. which are good but ultimately not enough.

Jeremy changes and eventually can give himself to her which, in movie reality, is love and is the ‘right choice.’

I have to question if at any point either of them are right for her.

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