Shi mian mai fu (2004) – House of Flying Daggers – 4/5

Shi mian mai fu (2004): “Shi mian mai fu (2004)” – House of Flying Daggers

Very artistic w/o being artsy. Powerful story that gains over time. Great fighting w/ intention and precision and meaning.

Nice use of colors and contrasts in the environments.


She starts as flower not in the wilderness. She’s taken away by the wind and soon finds more of her kind in the wild. She is blind, but he is the one who we find out wasn’t seeing correctly.

She needs to know all along if he’s true, but he’s not and in a sense tells her that. Unfortunately for him, he’s right.

However, he has a change of heart toward her and keeps coming back when it matters.

Ultimately the flower dies under the harshness of winter only to come back and save him finally.

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