Seven Up! (1964) (TV) – 5/5

Seven Up! (1964) (TV)

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This is a series where they took several 7-year-old kids from various walks of life in England in 1964 and interviewed them. They go back every 7 years to see how things are going. The premise was based on a quote: “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.”

It’s interesting to see who did what they thought they would and how they’ve changed, etc. I love this kinda thing! Most recently they did “49 Up” in 2005 so you get to see a majority of their lives at this point.

Since they come out every 7 years, there’s a lot of recap in each documentary, but I still recommend watching them all to get the full information. After watching so much of their lives, you really feel like you know them and certainly care for them.


Bruce, Paul and Neil are probably my favorites though I love how Suzanne changed so much over the years. Jackie, Lynn and Sue are kinda sad. Neil is heartbreaking, but powerful.

Haiku Summary
What can I say here?
People change. Some more, Some less.
A lot of it’s sad.

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