Rocky II (1979) – 3/5

Rocky II (1979)

I have to say this movie was better in my memory than on DVD. 🙂

The story was thin and transparent. The acting was hard to watch in many parts b/c it was cliche though it might only seem that way now. The motivation, for me, wasn’t really there.

They tried to establish that Rocky ‘is a fighter’ and that’s what he does. But he wasn’t into it w/o Adrian’s backing. Seems like a contradiction a little. I know what they were doing, but still.

The fight was good, but not great. Nothing significant happened it seemed: no swelling, ribs cracking, etc. Just worn out and Rocky’s heart pulled him up at the end (oops, spoiler).

I just didn’t buy into the heart of the story which is ashame b/c I remembered really liking this one in the past. Probably b/c he wins (oops, spoiler).

I still liked it, but not as much as I remembered. I guess I sdn’t watch 3 and 4 and don’t have interested in 5.

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