Rocksmith – The Beginning of the Experiment

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 2.31.56 PMIn expectation of Rocksmith 2014 Edition, I got Rocksmith Guitar And Bass. Mostly I got it for the cable so that there wdn’t be an issue waiting for the new version to be delivered (the software is a download via Steam).

I wasn’t sure if I’d install it, but I figured it was worth it since the old version is about the same as the difference in the cable and non-cable version. Actually, Rocksmith Guitar And Bass (with the cable) is cheaper than just the cable.

Anyway, I decided to install it to check it out and familiarize myself w/ the interface, etc. I know the new one is going to be a lot different, but this gives me the ability to see the improvements and have a slight headstart on the new one… in a sense.

Anyway, I dig it. It’s fun and fairly quick to get going. Also, it does a decent job of adjusting to your performance. I kinda wish it would lead you along “better” – it lets you just move from song to song w/o technique. It tells you you’ve opened a new technique, but doesn’t really push you to practice it.

I don’t want it to force me to do it, but maybe give me the option. Maybe it does and I missed it.

Either way, I like it and am motivated to keep going though I don’t know how far I’ll get before Rocksmith 2014 Edition comes out.

I hope to be fairly consistent with it and post progress, etc. I can play a bit so it will be from that starting point.

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