Revolutionary Road (2008) – 4/5

Revolutionary Road (2008) – 4/5

Great drama w/ great acting and dialog. I really like the power this movie puts behind a drama – it feels so intense like it’s a thriller.


I think this movie is a great picture of the trappings of the “American career.” American’s tend to forfeit so much of life for their careers/jobs/$ and later regret/resent the decisions.

I loved the scene where she “admitted” they got the house b/c she got pregnant and then had “another kid to prove the first one wasn’t a mistake.”

It was great when they had the hope of going to Paris and how much that lifted them. I agree w/ his thought that they cd be happy anywhere, but they needed a jump start to live the lives they wanted. I think it was another great picture of people thinking they know what they want, but being too scared (or whatever) to do it.

She kept saying he’d have the time he needed to figure out what he wanted to do. I’m afraid the answer was either a) he’d never know b) it was basically what he was doing though he didn’t want that to be the answer or c) nothing.

John really called them out a few times which was a great device (“He’s crazy!”). 🙂

I wd have rathered she not abort the baby, but more than that, I wish she hadn’t died. I think the story wd have been better served by her living and continueing the picture of sacrifice/unhappiness/etc. that is closer to the truth of that situation (IMO).

The ending is killer – him, devistated and miserable (seemingly), the new couple becoming friends w/ the neighbors (cycle starts again?), the older couple w/ him turning down his hearing aid – BAM!

I wondered what they were saying – he can’t stand her, that’s how they stay married, that’s the key to success, everyone deals differently, etc. It’s interesting b/c earlier John told Helen to shut up, later Helen tells John to shut up and now the daad turns off the mom. None of them want to hear the others.

Great movie – wd have been a 4.5 if she hadn’t died. I just think that’s a disservice to the women out there that live in the ongoing misery (like Frank did).

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