Primer (2004) – 4.5/5

Primer (2004)

I really liked this movie.

(UPDATE: I went back and up’ed my rating of this movie so the next couple of sentences were made when I had it lower)
I wanted to give it a 4/5 or higher, but it’s tough to rationalize w/ the many problems…

Given the circumstances around making the movie, it sd get a 5/5 or something.

The film focuses too much on the science of the situation and leaves too little to the meat of the story. I felt confused by the story, not the science. What happened? Why?

The reason I up’ed the rating was b/c after thinking about it and I want my ratings to be how much I “like” the movie. Not just technically or artistically or whatever, but what I think about it and all that that entails: fun, clever, etc. How much it appeals to me. I’ve been thinking and talking about this movie ever since I saw it. I immediately started the director’s commentary after watching the movie and immediately started the cast/crew commentary after that (though I didn’t finish it).


What happened to Thomas Granger? The just left that.
Later in the director commentary he explains they don’t know. Their present selves don’t know how he found out about the box and what he did exactly, etc. So we don’t either.

Why was Aaron leaving?
Too many doubles and complications. The wiki page explains a lot, but it took me a while to agree w/the whole ‘doubles’ part. has a great page on it here. I’m not sure I cd get all that from the movie???

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