Physique Enhancing Science – Amino IV

No affiliation w/ PES, just trying the products. I’m trying some from other companies and will post about those soon too.

I was turned on to BCAAs a while back and, like protein, I believe they work, but can’t really measure it.

I tend to try new products, routines, programs, etc. all at the same time to so results are hard to measure from one given product. Especially when it’s about recovery and such.

However, if you use BCAAs, I recommend trying AminoIV from PES.

Taurine, when ingested alone, has been shown to improve muscle recovery following exercise6,8, spare muscle BCAAs from catabolism9, improve exercise performance6,7, and increase fat loss during exercise5. Sounds a lot like the benefits of our EAA blend, right? Well taurine accomplishes these goals via a different mechanism. To put it simply, taurine acts within the muscle cell to increase force production while reducing unnecessary damage to the muscle tissue10.

via Amino IV.

Again, it’s cheaper at Amazon.

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