P90X3 – Yoga X Review

yoga-1095252-mNo that’s not me in the pic. 🙂

I did Yoga X today and it was really good. SO much shorter than the hour and a half from P90X. Honestly, I think the P90X yoga video was great, but just so long. Like much of P90X to P90X3, it’s much shorter and more attainable.

When I did P90X (when I did it strictly versus a hybrid), I did the whole yoga. It was good, but very long.

P90X3 Yoga X is great! It’s short, hits many moves (for less time) and I feel like I got a great workout (for 30 mins).

So instead of dreading yoga now, I think I’ll enjoy it. That’s great b/c yoga is really, really good and it’s not the yoga that I dreaded, but the length (b/c it was hard too).

So far I’ve enjoyed all of the workouts and have a good sense I’ll enjoy P90X3 a lot.

I also enjoy the diet so far, but I feel like I’m eating a lot. It’s probably much lower calorie than most foods so it’s fine in that sense, but I feel like I’m eating often and a lot. However, I lost .8 lbs so far though that could easy be just a variation from day to day.

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