P90X3 Pilates X Review

P90X3 Pilates X5I’d never done pilates before the first recovery week of P90X3. I just did it for the second time. I like the workout as a workout, but it’s not much fun.

I mean that both in a good way and not-so-good. It’s a good workout – it’s tough, gets areas I don’t usually get, varies a good amount, etc.

But compared to many of the other P90X3 workouts, it’s not very fun or interesting. No biggie, but the other workouts set a pretty high mark for having fun and not watching the time, etc.

This workout, to me, is like Yoga X and Ab Ripper X had a 30-minute baby. The whole workout is on the floor: back, stomach, sitting, plank, side-plank, etc. Lots of abs and core and hip and such.

Anyway, it’s a good workout. I can’t compare it to other pilates workouts, but it’s good.

I’m doing the ‘Classic’ schedule so I’ll only do it 2 more times. Fair enough.

NOTE: Interesting note – Tony Horton’s girlfriend is in this workout. I’m not a geek about Tony (though I did get to meet him once) so it’s not a gossip kinda thing. Just interesting to see that his girlfriend is involved. Glad to see it and not surprised.

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