P90X3 – Block 1 Recovery Week

p90x3I finished the recovery week last week and it was good. To be honest, the work outs are a bit of a blur. Dynamix was a lot of stretching, Accelerator was more agility/interval training, Pilates X was pilates (which is new to me so it’s somewhat like yoga – I probably just offended some pilates people AND yoga folks).

CVX and X3 Yoga aren’t new for this week.

So for a recovery week, it was a bit less interval/agility type training, but still good. My hips were sore from pilates.

So it was a good week, but I don’t have a handle on all of the work outs and in some cases like Dynamix, I’ll only do them a couple more times for the whole of P90X3.

I think block 2 is going to be more weights and such. 🙂

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