Ordet (1955) – 4.5/5

Ordet (1955)

Masterful. I loved the camerawork (I believe the style is called kameraspiel) was great. The tone and style all around was great.

The characters were good and so expressive even when understated.

Two parts of this movie in particular made me stop everything, dropped my jaw, gave me chills and are stuck in my head. Good stuff.


What did Johanness do when he left? What made it necessary for him to leave, find his wits and come back?

The little girl’s faith was great.

The statement from Mikkel about the baby just floored me. Like a truck hit me.

The end, when she moves in the coffin, just had me wide-eyed looking for some sign. The camera, like everyone there, was glued to her wondering what was going to happen.

When the idea of her coming back was introduced in the movie, I wondered what they wd do w/ that. Wd they really do it? Then at the end, I was convinced they wdn’t. I didn’t think they cd pull it off w/o destroying all credibility of the film. I just hoped Dreyer cd do it well and I’d be satisfied. Wow!

When I saw her move, I was like “She moved. I saw it. They can’t take that back.” 🙂

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