One Gallon of Water per Day – Human Lab Experiment

one gallon of water per dayMy intention is to do human lab experiments this year. Ideally 1 per month that lasts a month long. My first one is to drink a gallon of water every day.

I have a few ideas for other experiments, but feel free to send ideas (comment below) on ones you’d like to see done.

One Gallon of Water per Day

We all know there are a billion benefits to drinking water. It seems every part of the body uses for tons of things. All the while, most people are probably dehydrated.

I think I was dehydrated for about the first 35 years of my life. My eyes usually burned, my pee was dark, I was often achy and other symptoms. Those certainly could be caused by many things so I don’t blame it all on water. However, these days I am confident a few things happen when I don’t drink enough water…

1. Hunger – an easy one is that I eat more when I don’t drink enough. I believe my body/brain misinterprets the thirst as hunger.

2. Stiff – I get stiff when I’m dehydrated. I notice it in bending over to pick things up.

3. Migraines – I get migraines when I’m very dehydrated – it’s the worst. Even if it’s not a migraine, I’ll get a headache (which can lead to a migraine).

So I took a ‘before’ pic to see if there’s any noticeable changes at the end of my one gallon of water per day month. I’m using a water tracking app to track how much I drink and set reminders.

I have a 22 oz water bottle and intend to drink 6 of them per day (132 oz). That’s a little over one gallon of water per day (128 oz) plus I usually have water with meals and such so I should be good.

I’ll post the results in a month!

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