Once (2006) – 5/5

Once (2006)

Wow. What an incredible movie. Have I build it up enough? This movie has so many aspects that really appeal to me. It’s very original and I didn’t know much about it going in so it was so great to just watch it unfold.

They call it a “modern musical” and it’s pretty subtle in that sense. It has some similarities to “The Committments” which I loved. Not only b/c it’s in Ireland and is about music, but it’s about passion in music too.

It doesn’t get cliche in the “love” story or the music or “success” or anything. It feels very real. I watched some of the bonus features and started watching the commentary and they talked about how they approached it and that was very cool and independent.

The two leads are musicians. The lead “the guy” leads a band the director used to be in and “the girl” is a real-life friend of the guy lead. The director said he’d rather have musicians that cd half-way act than actors who cd have way play/sing.

It really makes the music powerful. During the first duet, I literally started bawling. It wasn’t sad at all, but so emotional and that’s how it came out. It blew me away. I ride the exercise bike while I watch movies and I was lost in the song but looked down and realized I was pedaling really fast.

I started getting really worked up and then just started bawling. I cdn’t figure it out, but it was really great. I thought it wd stop when I realized how odd it was and it did die down a bit until the chorus started up again. Really strange, but very cool.

Anyway, I just loved how the rest of the movie played out and I think it might be my favorite movie of the year. The filmspotting.net podcast is great and has some awesome ‘top five’ lists.

Another note, I wondered a few times in the movie “What are their names?” Very cool.

Side note: I just finished this movie this morning and more thoughts may come to me so I might update this later.

Also, I’m about to watch a series of Glen Keane animated movies FYI.


The director in the commentary talks about the title: “Once.” He says there’s a lot of guys he knows/has met, especially in Ireland, that talk about “Once I get my X deal…” or “Once I record this…” or “Once I open my shop…” and how they really cd be great, but don’t have the motivation.

Haiku Summary
Songwriter meets girl.
Awesome chemistry in song.
They record. The End.

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