Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) – 3.5/5

Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)

This was good in most ways with good levels of intensity, spyishness, humor and action. Basically no love story which I didn’t see as a lack – there was so much else going on, I didn’t miss it. The relationships btwn the main characters more than make up for it.

In some ways I think this is a modern “spy” movie w/ no political motives. There’s a lot of the same elements, but a more light-hearted motive and payoff.

Also, this movie doesn’t make me feel guilty for pulling for criminals to “win.”


A few drawbacks: the motivation for the whole operation was a little thin. Fortunately, they didn’t spend too much time on it. Pacino was good as a bad guy, I didn’t need any more reason to want to see him lose.

I wasn’t sure really why Bernie Mac’s character had to go w/ the domino thing and the scam to get him in was weak.

The underground drill was WAY too much to buy. How cd they pull that off AND buy, get, install, etc. a new whatever-$36million-part-that-broke and so-on.

There’s lots of stuff that can be overlooked, but the above was a bit much.

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