Numbers 9-11 – You want What?

shout-let-it-all-out-1327383-mSo many great points in these chapters!

God accommodates exceptions for those not able to celebrate Passover for legit reasons. If you’re just a slacker, you’re out!

Move when God moves and stop when He stops. Be aware of which is going on.

At the end of chapter 9 it says “they kept the Lord’s charge, according to the command of the Lord through Moses.” This is probably just about moving when God moves, but it’s one of the few times that they obeyed. Not for long.

In chapter 10, in the second year, they move out. So for a year, since they left Egypt, they’ve mostly been camping, getting laws, learning about priests and tabernacle stuff.

Moses brings his father-in-law – it’s a good example of inviting, sharing, bringing others along.

quail-bird-1386257-mChapter 11 – they complain. Basically as soon as they move out and aren’t learning about laws and such (bored?), they start whining “like those who complain of adversity.” They want meat. They aren’t happy with manna.

Often, God provides and it might not be steak. We sdn’t complain how He provides. It sd bring us closer to Him. Allow us to focus on Him. If we scorn it, what does that say?

There’s nothing wrong w/ asking or sharing discontentment, but don’t whine and complain.

Moses can’t take it and says he can’t do it alone so if God’s going to leave things like this, Moses wd rather die. A bit dramatic, but the point is he can’t do it w/o God providing a way.

God gives him 70 guys w/ the Spirit, but they only prophesy once – they aren’t exactly like Moses.

Then the meat comes! Be careful what you wish for. And be careful what you do w/ it when it comes.

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