Numbers 7-8 – Not Same to All

happy-loose-chicken-1426106-mThe leaders give 6 carts w/ 12 oxen. Moses gives 2 to Gershon, 4 to Merari and none to Kohath. Why so unfair?

Kohath’s duties required them to carry the holy objects on their shoulders – no need for carts.

Sometimes, in the name of fairness, we think everyone sd get the same despite having different assignments or needs.

It reminds me of a time when I worked at a big company. We used Unix computers for development, but we needed PCs at one point for some new stuff. The company policy was that they come w/ all of this extra software on it for non-development “office” work that made it impossible to develop on.

It was a pain to work around. It was a company of over 100k people so I can imagine it’s tough to manage all of that, but one-size does not fit all.

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