Numbers 33-34 – In, but not Of

shepherd-with-his-sheep-on-pasture-1400173-mNumbers 33 is a review of the journey and where they camped. Then God tells Moses to tell everyone, when you go into the land, drive out all the inhabitants. Any you leave are going to be a real pain.

The idea is that, it’s one thing to be a witness to people and “be light” in the world, but it’s something else to “co-mingle” w/ them.

We’re called to go to the people, to witness, to love, to make disciples, etc. but we sdn’t “join” them. It might be a fine line, but I think we can know the difference.

Also, when you’re a believer, you don’t allow some sin to continue. You don’t reserve that part of your life or your heart. You have to let God in and let Him drive out the inhabitants.

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