Numbers 15-16 – No One Ever Arrives

censer-1418935-mGod gives instruction on entering the land. Unfortunately, it’s instruction for the next generation.

A man breaks the Sabbath and is stoned. The Sabbath is serious. God is serious. The punishment is serious. They actually took it seriously.

However, right after that, Korah and 2 other Levites lead 250 non-Levites in rebellion against Moses and Aaron. Actually, it’s really against God. They complain that Moses and Aaron led them away from a “land flowing w/ milk and honey.” Say what?

So Egypt is described as such a wonderful place now?

God tells Moses and Aaron to get back so He can kill them all, but they plead for the people.

God has the land swallow up the 3 Levites tents, family and everything of theirs. They gone. And He consumes the 250 w/ fire. Their censers are beaten into plates for the altar as a reminder.

The next day…

The NEXT DAY the congregation grumble against Moses and Aaron. God tells Moses and Aaron to get back so He can kill them all. He gets started and Moses tells Aaron to take a censer and make atonement for the people.

Basically as a wave of death runs thru the people, Aaron catches up to it and makes atonement. Behind him is death and ahead of him is life – he stands btwn life and death. Btwn judgement and atonement of the people. As a good priest sd.

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