No more minutes

clock-1408511-mI had to turn on the ‘seconds’ on my computer clock to time something a few minutes ago. When I was done, I turned it off b/c the constant ticking away of seconds distracted me. I feel like if I look at the time and am made away of the seconds, I will then be concerned w/ seconds.

Managing time that granularly would drive me crazy.

Then I though, what if I went one step further and turned off the minutes and only concerned myself with hours. Scheduled things in the degree of hours only. I could have a call at 10am and nothing else until 11. Of course, if the call took 15 minutes, I’d have 45 minutes for work, etc.

I think going by hours might be too far of a stretch – if I had a call at 11, I wdn’t really know when it was getting close to wrap things up, etc. But what about 15 minutes?

Maybe I could set reminders for things for 1 minute out so I’d know just before something would be needed (e.g., a call w/ a client) but for the most part I wdn’t be so concerned w/ time.

Maybe 10 or 5 minutes is a better place to start, but it’s something to think about???

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