No Country for Old Men (2007) – 5/5

No Country for Old Men (2007)

Just a great movie. Very moving, intense and technically powerful. The silence is deafening. The (sparse) dialog is great and quite “Coen.”

Javier Bardem is the new “Hannibal Lector.” Josh Brolin was great also. Both great performances.

This film is so well made that the story almost suffers. But it’s a great story. I listned to a podcast about it and they pointed out how in some cases they don’t even show you an important scene at all. I think that is a sign of their great movie making: they can get the audience and film to a point where you don’t even need to see important things to get just as much out of it.

There’s several points/parts of the story that I haven’t processed completely, but I look forward to seeing multiple times over time and let it sink in.

Haiku summary
guy finds druggers dough
scariest guy ever hunts
world falling apart

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