Next (2007) – 2/5

Next (2007). – 2/5

I wanted to see this movie in the theaters, but it didn’t seem to do well. Despite that, I watched it. Disappointed, but I sdn’t be.

Cage’s characters seem to be more and more like “I’m super cool and know it.” and it comes off pretty cheesy.


I can see how w/ his skills he becomes a Vegas magician. Makes sense. How he becomes this super action hero fighter doesn’t quite make as much sense. Granted, he might know what to do, but be able to do it is different.

Two things that really stood out to me as lame are…

The scene where they hold open his eyelids to watch the news in the concrete bunker, secret super lab that only Blofeld cd rival (which somehow is located in a building downtown).

Also, the scene where he sends the cops to check out the level in the factory while he checks the rest of the levels. He find the girl and one of the cops dies. Uh, why didn’t he just do that in the first place?

Then to top it all off, it basically was all a dream. :S

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