Ne le dis à personne 2006 – 3/5

Ne le dis à personne 2006 – 3/5

Good suspense and intricate plot. It’s in French and in France so the scenery was pretty cool.

This is another movie that I don’t remember putting on my queue or why. 🙂


I guess they decided the plot was so complex they had to literally spell it out for you at the end. That was fairly disappointing. I feel that cd be done better. Maybe Alex sd have figured it out somehow…

Maybe he goes to see Neuville to confront him or somehow finds out about the shotgun or hmmm, well, I’m not going spend much time on that.

But then also to have the twist where it turns out Margot killed him. That started out interesting (“ah, there’s something we didn’t hear.”) but then I was thinking that really doesn’t make any different imo.

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