My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006) – 4/5

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)

A 4 may seem high for this movie. Especially since it seems to get such poor reviews/ratings other places. Maybe my expectations were low, but I really liked it.

It was clever, original, cute, funny and very fun! It was like they had an idea (what if a super hero was more like a normal person… or better yet, not that great of a person in some ways, but is still a super hero) and they made that movie. Moreover, they didn’t stray from it and make that person learn a big lesson, save the world, become a better citizen, etc. Nope.

It was a bit predictable, but who cares? And most elements of the movie were sorta sub-par, but those things just aren’t that important to this type of movie. They did a great job of focusing on the characters and the premise and all.

Mostly I’m proud of them for sticking to the premise and playing that out.

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