My Date with Drew (2004) – 4/5

My Date with Drew (2004)

This was a good surprise. I heard about this a while back from Mo and was pretty interested. I didn’t hear much for a while and kinda forgot about it.

I rented hoping it wd just be somewhat interesting b/c I just assumed it wasn’t too goo. W/ low expectations like that, it cdn’t help but impress me.

I probably gave it a higher rating that it might deserve as far as full cinema ‘quality’, but it makes up for all that w/ lots of heart.

I liked it from just about every angle. Brian is authentic and energetic and very likable. He really does represent so many little dreams we’ve all had and go unfulfilled.

Official Site

Brian’s got some great friends to do so much of this w/ him.


I have to say I thought it was a little strange that he avoided the movie premiere idea so much. A) It was like he assumed he cd go though maybe that’s just the way I took it and B) I wd think that wd be the best bet and he wd have spent more of his energy towards that. It was like he wanted a date w/ her, but he didn’t want to have to deal w/ her to get it!?!??

Also, I was pretty disappointed that once he got to the movie premiere, he froze up. A) What do you think you’ll do on the date? and B) Anyone w/ the heart/guts to do all the things he did, sd have been able to do better???

And just for the record, I didn’t really like the camera ‘scam’ and the fake ID part. No biggie, but I just don’t like them taking advantage of things. I guess the camera store will get decent promotion for it… or at least their 30 day policy will.

Drew rocked! She was so real and nice and generous. I read she invited him to the “50 First Dates” premiere later on (I read that from the site above).

UPDATE: I think one of the best parts of this movie is when he gets the call about finally getting the date. It’s great b/c he doesn’t (get to) say much. You just see his reaction as he soaks up every word from the phone. I think it’s great how only the two of them on the phone know what was fully said. It had a cool effect IMO.

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