My Contribution to Decorating

I don’t do much in the decorating arena, but I felt the cabinets were lacking.
A while back I put an 8×10 in the back of one of the cabinets and really dug it.

It is a pic of our kids.

I recently ordered a bunch (over 30) 5×7 pics of the kids from the last scabinetseveral years.

When they came in, I laid them out and taped them all to the inside of the cabinet doors and the back of the cabinet.

You can’t really see in the pic the back of the cabinet, but zoom in and you might see the pics back there.

I only did the bottom part of the cabinet because higher ones would be too hard to see or there’s glasses and such in front of them.

I put the best pics in the cabinet doors we use the most.

Also, I tried to mix up the pics so each door has a combination of pics from the kids being young versus old and a mix of locations: beach, mountain, etc.

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this done before! I could even see cabinet doors made to basically include picture frames where you slide in pics that face inside and outside. Genius!

I even did a google search for cabinets with built-in picture frames and didn’t see anything. I found one DIY project but it didn’t look very good – somewhat cheap.

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