Mr. Brooks (2007) – 0/5

Mr. Brooks (2007)

Wow. Bad. Bad acting, bad direction, bad plot and story point, just bad all around. They lay everything out for you in dialog and completely insult the viewer.

Changes to the story/plot as they went didn’t make sense. The logic in their explanations were just bad.

Everyone just phoned in the acting – they must be taking lessons from Costner.

Man, it was really bad. Worst ending pretty much ever on top of it all.

The daughter was just terrible – that whole story line was bad. And her being a killer??? Oh, so bad. And his crying scene in the kitchen – ouch!

And the dream ending – yow.

And w/ Mr. Smith – who sees this kinda thing and then has the nerve to go to the guy, etc. So bad.

Haiku Summary
He kills. Dumb mistake.
Guy blackmails him to kill too.
Surprise! He kills Smith!

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