Minority Report (2002) – 3/5

Minority Report (2002)

I like the ‘feel’ of this movie and the visual ‘tone.’ The story is a big forced to me: destiny, fate, etc. But the action is pretty good and they do well at setting the mood.

I really like the idea of the story and they do a decent job at it, but it’s hard to mix action and philosophy. Something like “Gattaca” does a better job though I don’t mean to compare them in too many ways.

Also, they need to settle on the story – what are they trying to say?


Was the story about a guy who can’t escape his fate? The forced slavery of people w/ special powers? The power to change your fate when you know what it is?

Also, did they ever resolve his son’s abduction? Or was that just a side-line issue?

I don’t mean to be picky, but, was he a cop before his son was abducted? If so, he wasn’t very good in which case he probably wdn’t have been the Precrime head guy. If he wasn’t a cop, he also probably wdn’t have been the Precrime head guy.

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