Million Dollar Baby (2004) – 3/5

Million Dollar Baby (2004): Powerful all around. Motivating for the most part. Her family was played perfectly by the others – I cdn’t have hated them more.

At times it was hard to believe how (seemingly) quickly these boxers rose up thru the ranks.

It was interesting to see the contrasts in the marriage-like relationship btwn Clint and Morgan: arguing about the bleach and Morgan’s “sleeping socks.” Clints b/w view of things “bleach is bleach” was challenged by Hilary’s characters ability to see “what cd be.” Things are not always what they seem nor must they stay how they seem.


Depressing ending. Also, morally difficult w/ what Frankie did and her perspective. Which is a more supportable fight: to die or to live w/ adversity?

Also, IMO, she won her fight given her opponent was given the warning that one more thing and she wd be disqualified.

The true triumph wdn’t be that the doesn’t make the same mistake twice in “throwing in the towel”, but to realize that forgiveness is available and not giving up have their value. Also, giving that to someone else is a great gift.

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