Little Miss Sunshine (2006) – 3/5

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

I liked this movie, but I felt it was a bit thin.


Each character has their own ‘rejection’:
the father: business
the grandfather: the retirement home, life and himself
the mother: her family
the son: society and eventually the Air Force Academy
the uncle: his boyfriend, society and himself
the daughter: potential rejection from others/society

They all feel that rejection and hate it and/or fight it. They all want to protect the daughter from the same, but realize (as in the Proust speech by the uncle) that it’s the rejection that makes things great.

So they don’t protect the daughter from rejection, but embrace their own rejection and join her in her’s.

Good story, but an exaggerated and clumsy way to get there IMO. Still a decent movie.

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