Little Children (2006) – 3/5

Little Children (2006) – 3/5

I thought this movie was going to be more like a 4 or 5, but it fell short at the end. I felt like they got to the last 20 mins and were like “Man, we gotta wrap this up quick!”

There was so much tension and drama building and building – maybe they built it up too much for them to handle.

They characters are all pretty unhappy and disillusioned in one way or another and escape into their various weaknesses most of the time. While some seem excusable others are “evil.” I’m not sure if we’re suppose to see them as similar or what… unfortunately, I’m not super motivated to analyze this movie b/c of the weak ending.

Well acted and a decent movie (though disturbing at times) but falls short late in the game.

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