Life of Pi (2012) – 3/5

Life of Pi (2012) via Life of Pi (2012)

I felt this movie dragged on a bit. A lot of it was pleasant and made for the journey experience, but maybe a bit slow. I dig a lingering movie – “Castaway” cd have been 10 hours long. But this didn’t quite achieve that. Maybe it was a ‘story’ technique.




So when he tells his alternate version of the story… it’s pretty vivid. It makes me think that’s the real version. Of course, that’s the trick – which is the real version? If it’s the alternate version – the whole thing is terrible. It’s a defense mechanism to help him cope w/ the fact that the sailor and his mom were murdered and he murdered also. Plus, then the whole story isn’t fantastic – it’s sad, delusional and horrific.

However, if the alternate story is true – it’s an interesting story in the sense of his strength in mind and spirit to overcome the situation. The separation and journey to love himself as a ‘tiger’ despite the horrible things he’s capable of… and the separation at the end when he’s no longer needed.

You have to take both together.

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