Lebenszeichen (1968) – 3/5

Lebenszeichen (1968). – 3/5

Again, 3 might be generous b/c I didn’t think too much of this movie, but it’s not “bad.”

Not sure how/why it’s on my queue unless I put it on there when I was wanting to see all of Herzog’s films… I’m over that.

It’s slow, which isn’t bad in and of itself. It’s in German and Black/White which also aren’t negatives.

Nora, the female “lead”, looks just like one of our neighbors so that was weird.

There’ a bunch of great shots in the movie that match the pace and such. I dug that.


It’s about a recovering German soldier in WWII living in an abandoned fortress in Crete w/ his Greek wife and 2 other soliders. Eventually he goes crazy and runs them out to hole up in the fortress alone w/ an munition of ammo. IMO, nothing really happens of note. I’m probably missing some deeper message about how one of the soldiers was a bit crazed about catching bugs and such w/ hens and junk. Not sure.

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