Lars and the Real Girl (2007) – 3.5/5

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

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A touching story about a guy and a doll. I thought this was well handled spite many logistical problems. You have to put a few things aside, but it does as good as I think can be done.

I saw a related documentary last week called “Guys and Dolls” that was a bit disturbing to watch.

I particularly liked the scene where the wife explains why the whole town supported Lars. It was a tough scene done very well.

I felt the town’s involvement was a bit much, but it worked mostly.

The end was a bit abrupt. I think they did about the best they cd. They had to have him enable Bianca’s death while falling for Margo, but the actual end was tough to swallow. And even if you do, there’s still the problem that he really believes she was real… how can he move on really? I don’t want to over-do it, but I felt that was a problem in the reality they established.

Haiku Summary
Lonely guy buys a
doll. Is he crazy? Either
way, the town loves him.

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