Juno (2007) – 4/5

Juno (2007)

Lots of hype about this movie and I was really interested in seeing it. I think my expectations were a bit high though tempered by some things I heard/read.

Probably my main/only “problem” w/ the movie is Juno’s speech: everything she says is a alt-worded, cool, slang, cliche-mock, sarcastic, crafted line. It’s overdone, IMO.

I believe it shows her immaturity and defensiveness well in the beginning of the movie, but then it keeps going and going.

The nice surprise to me was Jennifer Garner’s character and her sincere interactions w/ the baby. I don’t know if it was so great b/c it was unexpected or what.

Jason Bateman phoned it in a bit though his character wasn’t really much anyway. Michael Cera is great and under-used here.


When Vanessa talks to the baby in Juno’s belly, it just rocked me. It really came through and was powerful.

Haiku Summary
Girl gets preg, will place
for adoption with “perfect”
couple. Love right person.

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