JamPlay Update: Beginner Lessons Review

jamplaySo I finished my ‘Phase 1’ lessons on jamplay.com. I wanted to continually review it: I liked it of far… I did the 7-day free trial using the Steve Eulberg lesson.

I liked his style and personality. He’s quite friendly, humble and experienced w/ giving lessons so he knows what’s going to be strange and intimidating.

I went ahead and upgraded to the 1-year account while it was on sale. I’m a sucker for “you’re about to miss out on a great deal.”

I may fear that another route would be better, but I certainly think this will be good.

My next path is going to be ‘Phase 2’ – Blues and I’m planning on going thru Hawkeye Herman‘s lessons.

There’s 142 lessons in that series so it might take a while.

I believe guitartricks.com had more of a curriculum approach which is very appealing to me, but I need to get past that.

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