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guitar strings - all stringsI’ve been using JamPlay since May (past posts) and really enjoying it. I’ve been learning a lot and enjoying playing the blues. It seems like the right foundation for moving forward. Now here’s a JamPlay free membership!

JamPlay Free Membership

Now JamPlay offers a free membership. I believe it’s the same as the previously temporary free membership – but with no time limit you can take your time learning and decide later. Nice.

I got the jamplay free membership (was temporary) account and went thru Steve Eulberg’s beginner lessons (I wanted to see how it worked and set a base for using jamplay). I was convinced and got the jamplay free membershippaid membership.

I’ve been going Hawkeye Herman’s blue lessons and learning a ton. Recently I branched out and did a couple song lessons just to mix things up.

I intend to finish the blues lessons and go from there. I might do another genre like jazz or bluegrass or maybe fingerstyle or another technique. There’s really a lot to choose from!

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