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jamplay.com sale for christmas
jamplay.com sale for christmas

There’s a great Jamplay.com Sale for Christmas – $99.95 for a YEAR!

Compare that to any other lessons or memberships!

Jamplay.com Sale for Christmas

I’ve been using it for several months now and really enjoy it. I went thru Steve Eulberg’s beginner lessons w/ the free account and then Hawkeye Herman’s blue series. Now I’m checking out the Fingerstyle options and focusing on Don Ross’s series. All have been great!

So check out the Jamplay.com Sale for Christmas and sign up. Post your progress here!

Here’s some coupons if you want to sign up later…

JamPlay Coupons…


33C6CE – 10% off all guitar products (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
1BA1E2 – 25% off first month

0713E7D01A – 25% off first month
4B926862C0 – 10% off all bass products (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

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