Iron Man 3 2013 – 3/5

Iron Man 3 2013 via Iron Man 3 2013 – IMDb.

This installment tries to humanize Tony Stark a bit more – less suit, more dude. I don’t think they pull it off too well… I would say they need more suit, but… SPOILERS… they actually use a TON of suits.

The problem is, they’re all remote controlled. So… there’s no real tension – it’s just robots fighting now.

Also, they stretch the audience’s ability to buy into it when the bad guys can heat up to volcanic temperatures, but their hair doesn’t singe, their clothes don’t burn, etc. Oh, yeah, and they have super-human strength and more.

So while all of these movies are pretty far fetched, this one takes a direction that’s just too far.

Finally, so when Tony is in Miami and his suit has to travel 832 miles to him, it gets there in like 10 seconds (conservatively). That’s just under 300,000 miles per hour.

I try to give movies a lot of leeway – especially if it’s just plain fun, but this movie pushes it too far – I can’t help but point out these things.

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