Inside Man (2006) – 4/5

Inside Man (2006). – 4/5

Good suspense-type mystery movie. It keeps you guessing pretty much the whole time: “Why are they doing that?” “How are they going to…?”

Solid suspense, acting, twists w/o cheese, etc.

I got this confused w/ “The Insider” so I never bothered to check it out. Glad I finally did.


One big question I kept coming back to was “Why did Case keep that envelope?” It seemed kinda silly that he wd have something so incriminating and he’d keep it!?!?!?

The bump Dalton gives Frazier at the end was a little weak too, but they kinda “had” to reveal to him who it was and that he got away and such. I mean, they cdn’t have just ended it w/ him not knowing. I get it.

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