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glass-of-milk-1309071-mThe more I study about health/diet, the more it seems the old ways are best: eat your vegetables, drink your milk, eat whole-grains (gluten?), etc…

In defense of whole milk

“children given skim or one-percent milk were more likely to become overweight and obese.”

The closer to zero-fat milk you go, “the more you eliminate fatty acid benefits,” he says. You also eliminate naturally occurring Vitamins A and D, which are then added synthetically. And you add powdered milk, which contains artery-hardening oxidized cholesterol, for “mouth feel.”

This makes skim milk a highly processed, additive-laden, synthetic, vitamin-laced beverage that – oh, yeah – has protein. Even Dr. Oz says skim milk increases weight because “once you take out the fat from milk, all you have left is sugar.”

via In defense of whole milk | Fox News.

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