I Only Want to Eat Candy

sweet-love-1407387-m In the last several years, most of my lessons about how God loves us comes from how I see my relationship with my kids. I care about them, I know better, I want what’s best… they resist. Why? Oh, yeah, they’re kids.

I don’t have that excuse… and I’m worse.

I think I know what I want and I kick and scream for it. I know God is up there gently smiling and trying to tell me that He knows better.

I’ve heard it said that the greatest gift the devil could ever get would be for God to answer everyone’s prayers literally for 5 minutes.

If my kids had their way, they’d eat candy all day and play video games. We love them and want to them to be happy and it’s BECAUSE of that reason we DON’T let them do it. 🙂

He’s the same way to us… thank God.

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