I HOPE it’s a Waste of Time

ambulance-1334532-mI just wrote a post on my work blog about spending a lot of time researching a bug only to find the fix is simple and small. It wasn’t a missing semi-colon or something that should have been done, but it was a one line of code fix.

It reminded me of the time we rush my newborn son (at the time) to Children’s Hospital on New Year’s Eve. We were so scared. He had a fever and as new parents everything scared us. Nothing wrong with that.

When we were in the waiting room panicked and stressed, we kept wondering if we were wasting our time and over reacting.

My wife said “We’ll probably get in there and it will be nothing.”

I said, “I hope this is a waste of time. I hope everything is fine and this was a waster of time.”

Of course, the point being, that certainly would be better than something actually being wrong with our son.

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