I Am Legend (2007) – 3.5/5

I Am Legend (2007)

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I liked it. I think a lot of people expected something different. I only expected what they said it was: a zombie movie. And I thought it was a good zombie movie… which isn’t saying too much.

But the action is good, it’s cool to see NYC all overgrown, etc. But it doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny (what zombie movie does?) in the area of “Why did he do that?” or “Why don’t they just…” and all.

Like I said, there’s some inconsistent type stuff in it, but in a zombie movie, who cares. I mean, he’s alone for so long and even has to kill his dog and then finally people show up and it’s like no big deal – he’s just upset she cooked the bacon he was saving… for what!!??!?

Haiku Summary
Everyone’s dead or
a zombie except one guy.
Others, serum, dead.

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