Hud (1963) – 3/5

Hud (1963) – 3/5

I feel like this movie sd get a higher rating than that, but I can’t really justify it. It’s just a feeling probably b/c Paul Newman is so great or that it’s a classic.

This is an interesting movie to see after “La Haine” b/c I see some similarities in the alienated youth.


Hud is pretty much against anything that isn’t drinking and sleeping w/ married women. His wreckless (life) driving killed his brother and he’s never forgiven himself and thinks he father hatest him for it.

I see a lot of modern attitude in Hud as far as selfishness. When his father’s cattle become sick and there’s a threat to all of his stock, Hud wants to sell them quick to make some money and push the problem on someone (everyone) else. “This country is run on epidemics!”

The ethical father can’t do it and pays a high price for it. However, it wasn’t the death of his son that put the wedge btwn him and Hud, it was that Hud “doesn’t give a damn” about anything.

Eventually Hud drives everyone off one way or another and is left alone… w/ what he wants: the ranch.

I really like the way the father refuses to allow oil drilling on his land – another point of contention and difference btwn him and Hud. Hud wants it for money.

It’s somewhat of a backwards Prodigal Son story w/ the son staying around, but still wanting his cut of the heritance now.

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