Horton Hears a Who! (2008) – 4/5

Horton Hears a Who! (2008)

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UPDATED: 6.19.08 – saw it again at the $1 movies.

Very funny (at least the first half) and good story and animation. I thought it was good, creative and fun.

I thought the kangaroo character was unnecessarily negative and judgmental while not adding a lot to the character makeup of the movie. They seemed to be calling out conservatives (based on the homeschooling reference) and it was just underhanded and judgmental on their part. The biggest bummer about that was that I didn’t think it was necessary.

UPDATE: 6.19.08 – Again, I think they were trying to slam conservatives and probably religious conservatives w/ the kangaroo role, but maybe I’m looking for it (or just used to it). However, w/ the kangaroo saying “if you can’t see it, heart it or feel it, it isn’t real” they can’t really be attacking those of faith. So maybe they’re slamming atheists a bit??? Anyway, I’m not sure it was necessary, but I’m not familiar w/ the book so who knows if it was accurate anyway.

Haiku Summary
Horton hears a who
on a speck and saves it. Great
dentist scene. Funny.

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